President Tony Raciti 40th Year Celebration

It is with great pride and absolute respect that our Club would like to officially announce that in 2017 we will be honouring and recognising the extraordinary community services performed by our honorary Club President Tony Raciti in his 40th consecutive year as the clubs Junior and Senior President/Chairman. And possibly in today’s era never to be repeated.

A sporting milestone unparralled in the history of Australian football, and well deserving recognition. Tony is a Life Member of Football NSW, current NSWNPL 1 Chairman and a former Daily Telegraph news and sports journalist.

Our honorary president is supportive and has approved the club’s Board of Management to make this official announcement, which for those who know Tony Raciti’s character he is totally opposed and his stubborn mindset, to recognise such an achievement. He is anti people who are arrogant, egostical, pompous, lazy, procinastors and will not tolerate anyone that has airs and graces, and not down to earth.

To quote his most famous saying “most people in football, have an opinion on everything and a commitment to nothing”.

But he deliberately supports this profile and marketing agenda as the club moves towards holding, conducting and organising a mammoth Gala fundraising night, approximately August/September 2017 – in his honour, and in conjunction with the Club’s Annual Gala Awards Night.

As usual, he has a goal and a vision, a significant goal at that, and would like to utilise this opportunity and occasion, to again raise significant funds to achieve a beneficial financial benefit and impact on behalf of the Club. “I am personally proud, humbled and privileged to be the president of a club that has produced more Socceroos than any other Club in Australia’s football history.

“I am humbled by this recognition, but I cannot help myself, as I am fully supportive, obviously, the Club utilising this occasion to generate ticket sales and a huge attendance at our Annual Gala Awards Dinner, at a venue yet to be selected”.

“The Club is planning 12 months out a mega gala fund raising event, to raise $150,000.00 to purchase a Club coach/bus, to be utilised by all the club’s vast number of teams and various football arms and sections”.

“This has been a life time project that I have always wanted to achieve and accomplish apart from many others that have already been achieved, by all our hard working directors”.

“Not to mention the club’s strong desire to enter the B-League”. “We do not have poker machine or liquor sales income, and our agenda is, we do not ever want to be a registered club”. “We are a pure football club”.

“At Lambert Park you will never find a casino, just a no-frills Club promoting what we do best, football, for over 5000 participants annually”.

“I and the Club are proud and humbled by our world class football facility, the best in Sydney. And I refer you to my President’s message written by myself at our opening ceremony of the upgraded Lambert Park on the 22nd March, 2014”, which will be posted on our newly created club website officially launching on Tuesday October 4th, 2017.

“The Club has contributed immensely, with assistance to this upgrade, to this much loved and valued facility”.

“We are planning and continue to lobby for a $4.5 million grant in coming months for the Marion Street grandstand, of which you are all very aware of”.

We are also planning to upgrade with Government or Council funds the toilets on the left hand side as you enter Lambert Park, we are desirous of building a caretakers residence, players accommodation, medical room and baby change rooms, on top and above the water tanks.

We plan to build a storage area to house machinery to groom our synthetic surface, to constantly rejuvenate the playing surface with brushing, natural dirt infill (Geo) and plus to create 6 car parking spots at the railway end of the ground for opposing team gear stewards and referees.

The Club cannot and will not fund any further projects, we already have, we simply do not have the financial capacity to fund any further.

It is as simple as that.

We are already locked into a repayment financial schedule with the amazing works that have already been created to date.

We have many financial commitments to our current private financial contributors, sponsors and supporters.

In essence there will and cannot be any further financial borrowings or commitment from club funds moving forward.

But I would like to take this opportunity to be a integral component and to utilise this occasion to generate substantial funds to enable the Club to purchase a Club coach/bus.

No leases, no borrowings, no club funds – purely and simply funds raised, and generated on this one night.

The club and I are planning a 1300 record attendance at any Sydney event in 2017 to realise, generate and achieve these funds, for this project, which is very close to my heart.

The club coach/bus will be at the venue physically at this Gala Fund raising event – purely on show.

Our goal is to hand over a Cheque on the night and for the Club to take possession of this coach fully owned and operated by the Club, not just as a means of transporting our players but all the club’s playing kits on match days.

We require 130 people to purchase and commit to a 10 person table for this event- and I hope this event will be significantly supported.

The club will be announcing full event and schedule details by the end of October 2016, and please liaise with our joint event organiser’s Pia Scarselletta and Mannie Ziino on 02 9572-6888 or email at

The club’s Board of Management would like to thank you all in anticipation for your valued, kind and greatly appreciated support.

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